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Website Development

Turning Airtable data into a powerful website, with member login and job board functionality.

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The Problem

QRC want to better serve graduates by connecting them and other job seekers with tourism jobs. They tasked Data Story to update their Tourism Careers job board. The brief was to create a usable, future proofed solution that was functional for the multiple users coming to the site.
Data Story found and customised a software solution that enabled us to bring tourism jobs to graduates in a streamlined way.
Adam Moore, Internship Manager - Queenstown Resort College

Our Process

Research & benchmark
Prioritise & Hypothesise
Design & Build
Test & Learn

The Solution

We created a careers platform that is easy to use and has both job listing and job application functionality for Employers and Jobseekers.

Picking the platform

With the option of so many platforms we had to pick one that could grow with the increased usage but also constantly evolve to improve usability. We were looking for: 

  • A functional back end that would feed directly into a user friendly website interface
  • Lower software and maintenance costs where possible

Built on Softr, QRC's Tourism Careers Platform is able to turn Airtable Data into the user friendly website interface. It prioritises a future proofed solution.

Customisation by User-Type

The features had to be specific to QRC. Making sure that their students were visible on the platform while giving employers enough scope to ‘sell’ themselves. Softr enabled us to:

  • Support logins from multiple user types; Employers & Job Seekers
  • Students and employers can create their own student profiles and employer jobs
  • Jobs are listed in a clear, appealing way. This included adding in filtering functionality so that job seekers could search for jobs by location and job type

Do our strategies align?

What’s the unique reason customers choose your business that cannot be easily copied? For Data Story, the unique, un-copyable advantage you get when you work with us is our values.

You can’t copy an attitude. Our values allow us to drive measurable, bottom-line results. Our values attract people & businesses who value transparency, testing, speed, data insights & ultimately results above everything.