3. Drive high converting traffic through paid media, marketing automation & SEO

Paid Media, Marketing Automation, SEO

We’re not PPC specialists, we’re conversion specialists. Turns out that makes us really good at paid media. We run highly targeted ads to personalised landing pages that greatly increase conversions.

CRO is at the heart of everything we do. We measure & research, prioritise, hypothesise, test and learn. We use CRM-integrated chatbots, smart forms and clever lead generation tools that improve the performance of your digital.

What is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of identifying where and why your potential customers are not converting; coming up with well thought-out ideas for improvement and testing. With consistent iteration, you can not only convert more people, you can deliver a better user experience to all website visitors.

Conversion rate optimisation has the potential to increase your ROI more than all other marketing efforts. This is because an increase in conversion means you acquire customers without having to spend any more money. Because of this, you can invest more in marketing efforts such as SEO, PPC, social media, affiliate marketing, and offline media. A high conversion rate, also makes it increasingly difficult for your competitors to compete. 

The quicker you implement changes the sooner you’ll see improvements and returns. As soundly as possible, we race through stage one and two to get wins on the board.

In step two we completed the process of mapping the path to purchase and identifying the biggest opportunities for improvement. In this third stage, we now generate ideas to improve in these areas.

We wireframe solutions and user test them to validate our ideas quickly. The aim is to get every element–every word–on your website helping customers move closer to conversion.

Some examples of why people may not be converting are:

  • They don’t understand what you do.
  • They know what you do, but they don’t know why they need what you offer.
  • They aren’t convinced that you deliver on your claim.
  • They think you’re too expensive.
  • They don’t trust your company. They’ve never heard of you before.

If customers don’t understand what you do, for example, you have to clearly explain what you offer. Would a guarantee help instead? No. Would a discount help instead? Not at all. Would testimonials help? No.

None of those things will help. The only thing that can increase your revenue is clarifying what you offer.

Measure Everything

If you can measure it, you can improve it. You need to validate your ideas by measuring the performance or designing research that allows you to test your ideas. To do this you need a good analytics set up.

Most companies don’t have an accurate analytics setup. Data Story designs and quickly configures enterprise-level analytics. Get visibility on:

  • Return on Ad Spend per channel, and attribution of other marketing channels
  • Live chat, email, calling and form submission based conversions
  • E-commerce tracking
  • Advanced pixel tracking with custom events to build smarter, more targeted audiences
  • PII and GDPR compliant configurations
  • NPS implementation (that’s actually actionable)
  • Single page app tracking, cross-domain, enterprise scale and other advanced scenarios
As a business, you should know the key metrics that drive your organisation. In many cases this is your profit per visitor, your customer acquisition cost and your return on investment for marketing.

When your acquisition cost is efficient enough, you can easily scale your business. Data Story works closely with you at a business level to help you understand these core business metrics. Marketing Managers, if you don’t have real-time visibility on these core metrics, get in touch.

Test & Learn

Now that we've generated ideas for testing, based on our customer journey and using accurate data collection methods, it's time to run a test. We're not referring to small changes such as button colour. A big change has a greater potential to impact the conversion rate.

We either work with your designers, copywriters and developers, or we use our own to create the test. Using A/B testing programs, we're able to compare variations and find a winner.

If the test comes out on top, we then make that our baseline. Now we’re really flying! By now you should already see an increase in revenue. We continue to test and learn, prioritising the biggest areas for improvement. The aim is to set up a continuous testing schedule because through this we will see continuous improvement. Get creative! Data Story will help you rethink your marketing to always drive growth. Keep testing, keep growing.

If you have a lower-traffic website, where we are unable to reach statistical significance, we are able to test using other methods such as user testing, before-and-after comparisons and sales reporting.

Now that your website has started its optimisation program, and we have clear visibility on marketing performance, it's time to scale up your website traffic. Here’s how we do just that:


Remember strategy 101? Get a website that converts. Now that your site is converting, and you’re testing regularly to improve performance, it’s time to scale your acquisition channels.

Let’s drive traffic that converts. Through SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and Insta Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other ad platforms, Data Story offers:

  • World-class campaign configuration
  • Creative/ Ad testing strategies
  • Custom landing pages for end-to-end digital optimisation
  • Remarketing and lookalike strategy and implementation
  • SEO and content marketing including advanced keyword and content research
  • Strategic and data-driven insight for content creation partners
  • Automating acquisition and onboarding

Once you’ve found effective acquisition channels, invest. We closely monitor your return on investment, making sure it’s always positive. Then, because you’re bringing in so much revenue, you get a job promotion. Then we move into automation. But that’s for another article.

Our Process

Do our strategies align?

What’s the unique reason customers choose your business that cannot be easily copied? For Data Story, the unique, un-copyable advantage you get when you work with us is our values.

You can’t copy an attitude. Our values allow us to drive measurable, bottom-line results. Our values attract people & businesses who value transparency, testing, speed, data insights & ultimately results above everything.