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200% increase on revenue YoY

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The Problem

Goal Zero ran a 'spring sale' to increase revenue and create brand awareness before their summer selling season.
Data Story blew away our expectations, with their campaign strategy and execution
Richard Birkby, Head of E-Commerce and Marketing - Goal Zero NZ

Our Process

Research & benchmark
Prioritise & Hypothesise
Design & Build
Test & Learn

The Solution

Creating audiences using customer personas, we targeted people most likely to engage with the brand. Because of this we were able to push budget towards the better performing audiences, to increase ROI.

Goal Zero Personas

Using personas from Goal Zero we created audience segments in Facebook's advertising platform. We used these audiences to split the budget by segment and make adjustments throughout the sale campaign according to performance.

The importance of creative & copy

Creative and copy are always a big part of the process and making sure that people who see an ad, convert. Our creative needed to speak to our audience segments to appeal to the core problem Goal Zero's products solve for each potential customer.

We tailored the creative used. The content creators audience saw cameras charging or laptops while working out of a campervan, whereas tradies saw images of tools charging or power stations being used on building sites.

Email Marketing

We sent out a steady flow of emails throughout the sale to stay top of mind for our growing newsletter list. The sale was introduced to subscribers, and finished with a last day of sale urgency email campaign. This communication strategy boosted the overall performance of the sale.

Do our strategies align?

What’s the unique reason customers choose your business that cannot be easily copied? For Data Story, the unique, un-copyable advantage you get when you work with us is our values.

You can’t copy an attitude. Our values allow us to drive measurable, bottom-line results. Our values attract people & businesses who value transparency, testing, speed, data insights & ultimately results above everything.