We’re looking for a Digital Optimisation Specialist to join our small team in Queenstown, NZ to deliver some of the best performing digital in the country.

We’ve got a vision to be the most sort-after analytics and optimisation specialists in NZ, working with companies who are making a sustainable difference.

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About Data Story

Data Story is a fast growing agency that specialises in UX and Optimisation. We run all major digital marketing initiatives, only through an iterative, customer research led process.

In the last year we’ve worked with NZTE,, Microsoft, Storypark, Destination Queenstown, Cardrona, Co-operative Bank and other great clients. Now we need your help to test and grow digital marketing performance for NZ’s leading brands.

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What we’re after

We’re looking for someone who can analyse and improve UX and marketing performance. You’ll use analytics and qualitative research to gather customer insights, prioritise and execute initiatives to grow our clients.

You are a true specialist. We’re looking for someone with the experience to work autonomously.

Come work in the most beautiful place in the world–Queenstown, New Zealand–and do challenging and rewarding work with epic clients. Learn to master your craft and grow in every area of your life.

Here is the sort of person we’re looking for:

  • You ask why. You’re interested in psychology because it’s always a person on the other end of the screen.

  • You can work across industries. You love the variety and can manage your time well.

  • You are comfortable with not having the answers. You want to research, test and validate everything.

  • You do the mahi. You deep dive analytics, can work with GTM, write survey questions, talk to customers, yarn with clients, wireframe content. 

  • You’re technically proficient and understand the tools we work in.

  • You are down to earth. Data Story is about serving our clients. We’re not after the glory or feeling fancy. Our job is to make our clients look good and to get results for them. The client takes the credit. 

  • Learning is the no.1 goal. We’re out to be the best.

  • Someone who thoroughly understands CRO and UX processes

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What’s in it for you?

  • Work that will grow and challenge you. We’re results fanatics who are bent on achieving measurable growth for clients.

  • Work-life balance. We’re flexible with your work time and encourage you to get away from the laptop. We trust you to manage your work-load and communicate your expectations.

  • Be apart of a growth story. We’ve got a clear vision to master marketing and use our powers for good. You’ll be a foundational member in taking Data Story to the next level.

  • We do real life growth and strategy work. We help clients scale. We blitz targets, and damn it feels good! Your skills will grow.

  • We’ll provide a competitive salary package. But we want you to take the job for the growth opportunity, the cash is just a bonus. This is an investment in you as a person.

  • We are in the most beautiful place in the world. Want to ski before work? Go mt biking till the sun goes down at 9:30pm? Climb mountains and descend valleys in the weekend? Then this is the job for you. 

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Like what you’re reading?

If this sounds like you, please get in contact by emailing me on Please supply info on who you are and why you’d want to join the crew.